1   How to activate an event with ulang.

  Create account

Create a user account at www.ulangapp.com. You can visit our FAQ section to answer questions


Login to your account to see the event manager, you can create a new event, generate a FREE DEMO event, manage future events, activate and deactivate events, quote a new event If you are an interpreter you will see the requests or invitations to participate as such .

  create your event

2     Information about your event

  Fill info

Set up your event by filling in the information requested by the system

  Activate your event

Remember that you can activate a demo version for free to test the service before proceeding with the payment

  create your event

3     Control Panel

  main page

Welcome to the control panel of your event. Please activate your event, wait a few minutes until the process is finished

 Config the event

Your event is in progress, please configure the aspects indicated below

  1.     Button to stop an event in progress
  2.     EVENT CODE
  3.     Button to enable cabin audio to users
  4.     Select the origin of the audio that will be sent to the interpreters
  5.     Button to select which screen to share with interpreters. (You can share screens from any device achieved with the same user that originated the event)
  6.     Button to send invitations to interpreters to join the event as lenders
  7.     Button to upload images and information of Speakers and Sponsor or entities

4     ulang app

  use of the app by the audience